Rain rain go away
30th July 2009
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OK, so it's official - we're not having a summer. Forget those vain promises that August will be a month of BBQs and bikinis - the MET office have amended their long range forecast to say it's going to be great weather... if you're a duck.

So let me start by apologizing for my negativity but also ask if you know of any good umbrella shops in Shrewsbury? What a great business to have! I don't know of any but if you do, let us know by clicking here! Or a wellington boot shop. Or a raincoat shop.... You catch my drift.

My little joke a couple of days ago about contacting DJ Price for firewood now seems scarily appropriate. Or maybe you're one of the lucky few who's about to jet off to somewhere hot and sunny. (If you fancy getting away, try contacting Laura at Travel Counsellors.) I'd love to go back to Corfu. That was my dream holiday. Not an umbrella in sight, just beaches and Ouzo.

Anyway, enough about the weather. Let's cheer up. My wife had her 20-week scan the other day and all is well. That puts a bit of rain into perspective.


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