Quality blinds in Shrewsbury - New Year, New Look, New Room!
1st January 2014
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The Christmas decorations are on their way back in the attic, the turkey leftovers are gone, some presents exchanges for something more appealing... and the television is full of diet plans and sun kissed beaches.

"Happy New Year!" we all cry as we make resolutions that we really hope will last past the weekend...! And of course we want 2014 to be a better year than the last one....

At Bob the Blindman we sometimes encounter cynical people but, fear not, things can change and YOU can make a difference to your life by making just one decision.

Bring Colour into your life.

We are not talking about spending money on getting a tan in Majorca; we are talking about bringing colour into your home via the humble Vertical Blind.

This much maligned window dressing has had a makeover and our new range of bright bold funky colours can colour your living room and even spice up your bedroom.

Life doesn’t have to be about cream or beige so why not check out the rainbow of colours from pulsating purple to tropical limes.

Go on - Make the Room The View with Bob The Blindman and book an appointment today on 0800 7837001 and ask about our exciting palette of colours.

By Bob Walker

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