Prepare your car for winter says Shrewsbury car care centre
3rd November 2014
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Drivers are being warned to act now to get their cars ready for winter - with many failing to do even the most basic of safety checks, according to a Shropshire car care centre.

Pam Williams, of Ace Car Care in Shrewsbury, said the traditional practice of regularly checking and maintaining a vehicle seemed to be on the wane.

So Mrs Williams and her team have now produced a checklist, and an online help video, to encourage drivers to make sure their vehicles are safe for winter driving. 

She said: “Once upon a time, a big part of owning a car was about checking things like the oil, tyre pressures and other bits and pieces to make sure it kept running smoothly.

“But with the development of modern cars and people having far less time to tinker with their vehicles, a lot of the basic safety measures are being taken for granted.

“With winter just around the corner we thought it was a good time to remind drivers that it’s still just as important as it ever was to take care of your vehicle.

“As well as the safety aspect, winter can be a damaging time for a vehicle, so now is the time to consider paintwork protection too. 

“It’s worth a small amount of investment to keep your car in good shape to avoid any major problems in the future.”

Mrs Williams said many people want to make sure their vehicle is ready for Winter but are not sure exactly where and how to check certain things. 

“This is why we have created the video - drivers can have a look at where everything in our checklist is and how to check them properly,” she added.

The Ace Car Care winter checklist includes the following:

  • Battery: Get your battery checked - batteries more than five years old can be prone to failure in cold weather. 
  • Antifreeze: Check the level and top up if necessary. Ask a professional if you are not sure what type of antifreeze to use. 
  • Tyre pressures: These should be checked all year round but it is even more important to ensure tyres are at the correct pressure during the winter.
  • Windscreen wipers: If wiper blades are on the way out, now is the time to get them replaced because your windscreen needs to be clear on those dazzling sunny winter mornings.
  • Washer fluid (windscreen, tailgate and headlights): If you use windscreen wash rather than washing up liquid or other wash drivers often use in their vehicles it has a lower freezing point.
  • Lights: Check the bulbs, including the front and rear fog lights.

To see the video, which gives help on how to carry out the checks visit the website via the link or call 01743 466100 for information and advice.

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