Nine popular interview questions with Red CV Writing in Shrewsbury
17th November 2016
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You can’t over prepare for an interview and giving some thought to these questions might be the key to securing the job.

1   What do you know about this company?

This will probably be the first question you are asked. You must research the company thoroughly before the interview not only via their website but also via LinkedIn, news articles, Twitter, Facebook, current employees etc. Find out as much as you can so you can answer this question with confidence.

2  Why do you want this job?

An obvious question. You wouldn’t have applied if you didn’t want it and I can’t tell you why you did, but just to clarify, don’t say something like, ‘It’s five minutes from my house’ or ‘my mate works here and says it’s alright’ or ‘because you offer five weeks holiday’. Give this question some thought prior to the interview and don’t give the impression you have applied for lots of different jobs, show that you are really keen and interested in this role and this company.

3  What is important to you in a job?

I always used to ask this when I was recruiting and it’s surprising the different answers I got but it was important for me to know what they really wanted and what kind of role/company they would fit into. So again only you know the answer to this, it could be working in a productive, motivated and cohesive team. It could be planning and managing projects through to completion within time and budget. It all depends on the role and what drives you. Let your personality shine here and be passionate about what interests you.

4  Give us an example of…

…how you dealt with an irate customer/when you worked to strict deadlines/how you overcame adversity/when you exceeded expectations etc. There will probably be more than one ‘Give me an example of’ question so you will need to think on your feet to come up with something relevant and positive.

5  What would you bring to this role?

Think how you could add value within the role. If it’s a management position, perhaps you can talk about your performance management skills or maybe the role requires exceptional planning and organisational abilities, or a reliable team member who works collaboratively to achieve objectives.

6  What did you find the most challenging part of your previous role? 

Whatever you say here, you must finish it with a positive comment. So it could be the database was complicated and unreliable so you suggested and researched a more effective system, which the company implemented resulting in an increase in productivity.

7  Tell us about your proudest achievement.

This doesn’t have to be work related, it’s better if it is but you can use a personal achievement, something that shows you have commitment, focus and determination.

8  How would your previous employer describe you?

They will probably ask them so fingers crossed you left on good terms!

9  What’s your biggest weakness?

It’s a classic question that still proves popular. It’s all very well trying to turn a negative into a positive but recruiters have heard it all before. Instead, mention an insignificant weakness that you have struggled with, then explain what you did to overcome it and how you deal with it now.

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