New team leader at Mrs Mopp Shrewsbury
7th June 2019
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Mrs Mopp Cleaning Services (Shrewsbury) Ltd became a separate branch of Mrs Mopp in 2017. Mrs Mopp Shrewsbury serves homes throughout Shrewsbury and employs all local Moppettes who know the area well.

Zara has worked for Mrs Mopp for almost five years and is a very valued member of the team. Zara started life with Mrs Mopp Shrewsbury as a domestic Moppette and always went above and beyond for her clients – one time, Zara’s car broke down, and not one to be deterred, Zara took to her push bike, cleaning supplies in a backpack and cycled (all week) to her clients to ensure no one missed their cleaning service.

Zara’s commitment to Mrs Mopp and her clients saw a promotion to team leader, but who is the lady behind the title?

Let’s find out:

Q: How long have you worked for Mrs Mopp?

A: Blimey, um, nearly 5 years now. Wow, that’s gone by quite fast!

Q: What do you enjoy most about working for Mrs Mopp?

A: I love the fact that we feel like a big family, we are very close knit as a team and our clients are so lovely, it’s a good feeling to work somewhere like Mrs Mopp

Q: What’s your best cleaning tip?

A: To always start at one point or corner in a room and work clockwise when at work, my best tip for Moppettes is double check your work and then check it again!

Q: What is your least favourite chore at home?

A: Ooh, it’s got to be washing up I don’t think anyone likes washing up?

Q: What’s the best song to get you motivated to clean?

A: Easy. Here I go again by Whitesnake… bit of air guitar with the mop anyone?

Q: What do you like to do with your spare time?

A: I love to spend time with my kiddies and my family. I come from a large family and we are very close

Q: Tell the world an interesting fact about you

A: I can say the alphabet backwards!

For a no obligation quotation on your home, or to test Zara on saying the alphabet backwards, please call us and quote the “best of Shrewsbury” or take a look at our website – for more information.

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