Misconceptions of ear candling
8th October 2010
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One of the UK's leading ear therapists - who is based in Shrewsbury - has written the first book to debunk many myths surrounding the controversial but popular alternative therapy, ear candling.

Aimed at therapists, doctors and therapy students, as well as the millions of people around the world who suffer with ENT problems, Ear Candling and Other Treatments For Ear, Nose & Throat Problems is the definitive guide to the overall subject.

Respected complementary therapy practitioner, Andrew Sceats, used his own research and scientific principles to reveal the truth about how this much-misunderstood treatment really works.

Now in its 3rd edition, the highly successful textbook has been fully revised to address common misconceptions of ear candling, such as its falsely advertised connection with the Hopi Indians of North America, the so-called 'chimney effect' of internal circulation of smoke within a burning ear candle; or the production of a vortex or vacuum.

Every aspect of ear candling has been scrutinized by Andrew – an NHS ear care accredited practitioner – to provide a no-nonsense, anecdote-free overview of how the it can be safely used to benefit a wide range of ENT conditions including migraines, tinnitus and snoring.

It is the only book of its kind to be approved by the VTCT (Vocational Training and Charitable Trust), the UK’s largest therapy organisation.

Among the 250-plus pages there are descriptions of the symptoms, causes, preventative measures and conventional / complementary treatments of ENT conditions; valuable self-help advice including diet and use of supplements, and details of current research such as implants.

To find out more about ear candling and other forms of therapeutic treatments in Shrewsbury, contact Andrew Sceats on 01743 233874.

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