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16th August 2012
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Shropshire business owners are being urged to sign up to the final few places on a year-long programme which promises to offer practical advice to boost their bottom line. 

As a result of the popularity of a previous string of workshops held, Shropshire-based Horizons Consultants is staging a second wave of its Business Mastermind Workshop Series. The workshops will commence on Wednesday 19th September between 3.00-6.00pm at the Rural Enterprise Centre, Shrewsbury. 

New tools

The programme, which is led by Horizons' Director Alan Adams, consists of twelve monthly seminars lasting three hours, each providing an in-depth analysis of a particular area of business, such as increasing sales, improving time management, and meeting customers' needs.

"There are some incredible businesses and business owners across Shropshire, the county really is packed with fantastic ideas and a real sense ofentrepreneurialism," Alan Adams explained. "But while the actual ideas, the products, and the services often come naturally, the practical day-to-day running of a business can be a daunting experience."

Business mastermind

"We've designed this step-by-step Business Mastermind Workshop series specifically for smaller businesses that may not have the funding available for one-on-one bespoke consultancy, but who wants to learn the skills they need to help their businesses thrive.

"By signing up to the programme, business owners are provided with an opportunity to join with seven or eight like-minded individuals from across the region's business community to learn valuable skills once per month for a minimal cost." 

Future success

The first session will cover Building a Vision for a Successful Future, with participants drilling down to truly establish what they want to achieve from their business and how they would quantify its 'success'. Subsequent seminars will be devoted to topics such as Nine Ways to Growth and Profitability, Building a World-Class Team, Successful Selling, and Meeting Your Customers' Needs.

"The workshops will commence on September 19th, and although it's almost fully-booked there are still spaces available, so we'd welcome anyone interested in finding out more to give a dedicated member of our team a call."

For further information about Horizons Consultants please contact 0845 373 0046.

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