Looking for that extra special wedding venue in Shrewsbury?
23rd August 2013
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The best day of your life, isn't it? Apart from maybe the birth of your first child or Shrewsbury Town getting promoted. I jest of course. Your wedding day is going to be magic, a celebration of your future that's shared with your friends and family. And integral to that is a wedding venue that looks after you and your guests impeccably.

Wedding Venues in Shrewsbury

Yes, you need somewhere that lokos great, of course. The wow factor when your guests turn up, whether you're getting married there or it's the reception only. But there's no point having a plush wedding venue if the service is appalling. Or how about one wedding venue that ran out of booze at a friend's wedding? Running out of alcohol?! Inexcusable!

Rude waiting staff. Poor quality food. Things running late. The list could go on, but it's something that won't affect a truly professional wedding venue. They run a tight ship.

Go with your gut

What's your first impression when you meet the owner or wedding co-ordinator at the venue? Do you feel welcome and valued? How do the staff or other customers look? Happy or scowling?! Trust your instincts and take it from there.

Budgets will have to play a part of course. Maybe you love a place but it's pricier than you were hoping. Could you "streamline" the guest list? It's your day, your day to be selfish - you choose what you want, and if it's the wedding venue of your dreams, tough calls have to be made. The perfect venue vs. those old friends of your parents that you haven't seen in years and don't really like anyway...? ;)

So why not give our wedding venue guys in Shrewsbury a call? Arrange a tour and get a feel of the place. AND ENJOY! I wish you the best of British.

By Andy Rao

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