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6th August 2020
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Shropshire marketing agency, Codebreak, continues to bring a bold approach to the marketing industry with their latest release of merchandise.

The digital marketing firm is known for thinking outside the box. This latest idea proves no different. The new release of their branded t-shirts has caused quite the stir online, with many members of the business community asking if they can buy the merchandise for themselves.

The design is a black t-shirt with an intricate design of a T-Rex on the back, emblazoned with the words “Stay Hungry”. This is the favourite of the Codebreak team’s ten core values. The design was created by world class graphic illustrator, Tom Bunney, and its boldness is turning heads.

Mr Andy Rao, Co-founder of Codebreak, said: “We chose Stay Hungry because it represents our drive to always push our clients forwards. As their marketers, it’s our job to seek new opportunities for them, be innovative and creative. If you stay hungry, you keep growing. You only stay still if you decide you’re full.”

Fed up of seeing businesses getting blindsided by marketing jargon, spending a fortune and seeing no results, Codebreak prides itself on delivering a difference. The experienced agency believes it doesn’t matter what sector you’re in - if you’ve got a passion for positive change, they can deliver on your marketing goals.

The new merchandise not only represents the firm’s key value, it’s about the customer experience Codebreak provides.

Mr Joel Stone, Co-founder of Codebreak, said: “Our clients don’t just receive a marketing service - they become part of our tribe. Marketing is about driving forward towards an agreed goal, and having each other’s back. Recently we spent an entire day liaising with Facebook in Dublin after a client’s Facebook account got hacked and he was having ad money stolen from him. We sorted that out for him. If a business is simply looking for someone to do a few social media posts, we’re not the agency for them.”

All the requests for “Stay Hungry” merchandise has meant that Codebreak will be releasing more, including hoodies and beanies, which will be available to the public. The plan is that this will solidify their goal of being more than just marketers - Codebreak is the team that SME owners want behind them.

If you’re hungry to take your business to the next level, or you’d like to see the merchandise, you can find more information at www.codebreak.co.uk

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