Liquid Floor Screed: A project by EasyFlow
10th May 2016
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Easyflow Ltd was approached by a client last autumn to ask them for a liquid screed solution over 435 square metres to suit their underfloor heating system on their new Passivhaus build. It was a great project, resulting in EasyFlow’s typical sleek and polished results.

What is liquid floor screed?

An anhydrite screed is ideally suited to underfloor heating as it achieves full coverage of the pipes, leaving no voids which insulate the heat. This provides superior heat transfer between the pipe and screed.

Liquid floor screed also offers higher thermal conductivity (2.2W/mk) and minimal depth over the pipes which results in a greatly improved reaction time and reduced flow temperatures.

Working closely with clients

Our sales team worked closely with the clients and their builder to price the best solution to meet their specification and ever-changing needs as the build progressed.

At the beginning of March 2015, our Install Manger visited site to check the preparation and laser level the floor. He raised several issues for the builder to address before we could come back and install the liquid screed.

Pouring and sanding

The pour itself was postponed on several occasions as the clients were concerned about getting the preparation spot on as they had encountered problems with the concrete earlier on in the build which had caused considerable delays.

A team of Easyflow installers visited site the day before the pour to set up the tripods to the levels required ready for the screed the following day.

3 weeks after the liquid screed was poured we returned to sand off the latence that settles on the surface of the screed. We recommend that this latence is removed ideally 7 to 10 days after the screed is laid as this can aid in the drying process and prepares the screed to accept a primer.

If you want to discover what EasyFlow can do for you, whether your project is domestic or commercial, call 01743 343000, or visit the website here.

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