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22nd January 2014
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2014 is proving to be a very busy time for my Shrewsbury based dog training business. I'd like to share a couple of success stories with you....

One of my clients was kind enough to post a video on Facebook of their Husky doing a long recall whilst running free. They have been working on their recall since last summer and were told by another trainer not to bother trying to get a Husky to do a recall. Apparently it is impossible!

My approach to the recall is different to traditional methods and it targets calling the dog away from distractions. It works with most dogs (even Huskies!) but it does require some commitment from the owners who need to be prepared to build it up slowly in stages over a period of months - not weeks.  

I have also helped a family who have been pulled around by their Boxer bitch for 2 years! To the point where they were suffering RSI type injuies and were choosing not to take the dog for a walk because it was such a chore. I introduced the dog and the owners to the correct use of a head collar and within an hour the dog was walking by their side with no tension in the lead! They thought it was a miracle! Using the right equipment correctly was the key to success.

If you think you and your four-legged friend are in need of help please do call me on 01939 261006 to discuss the best way forward.

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