It Is Time To Take Your Print Eco Friendly
26th June 2013
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Many offices have become "paperless", trying to reduce as much of their paper storage and output as possible, but even the paperless office still has paper.

Some companies like to receive their invoices by post, most contracts still have to be signed, business cards are still a popular way of sharing your contact details. The "paperless" office still has quite a lot of paper around.

There is a solution. Talk to your design or print company about printing your business stationery, brochures and campaigns on recycled paper.

If thats not for you, you could also discuss the possibility of using FSC certified paper from replenishable sources. You could also consider printing with environmentally friendly vegetable based inks.

So now you've decided on the eco-friendly option that suits your business and spoken with your design agency. There is more good news... This won't affect the quality of your output and it won't break the bank either. These materials are becoming more and more common and are priced very competitively.

On top of all this, you can print on your documentation that it is eco-friendly. Tell people, boast about it, encourage others to do the same. Be proud that your business has taken these steps.

Salop Creative offer a FREE consultation. Take advantage of this to discuss how you can show that your business is thinking about the environment. Environmentally friendly printing is affordable and the right thing to do. Call us on 01743 493 077 or visit our website to book your free consultation.

By Joel Stone

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