Is Underfloor Heating Expensive to Run?
3rd February 2021
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Water based underfloor heating systems, like ours, can offer a cost saving on your energy bills over time as they can be controlled from a conventional boiler or you can choose more energy efficient heat sources such as air source or ground source heat pumps.

Underfloor heating is a more efficient way of heating your home than radiators. Heating a room using a radiator means that the radiator often needs to be set at a high temperature, sometimes dangerously hot when taking into account small children, this heat then warms the immediate vicinity and then escapes upwards which is very inefficient. Our underfloor heating systems run on lower temperatures than radiators which helps to reduce heating costs. This is because the pipework we install throughout the floor has a larger surface area than a radiator which has to work much harder to heat an entire room. Underfloor heating heats your home from the floor up, meaning that this system will evenly heat the area of the room you actually use – from the ground to around eight feet high.


The liquid floor screed we install creates a thermal mass around the underfloor heating pipes as it flows round and coats the whole pipe, this promotes better thermal conductivity meaning you can get more heat out of the system using even lower temperatures on your thermostats.

Each underfloor heating zone is controllable independently, therefore you are in total control of the temperature in each area. Heatmiser neoStats can also be set to automatically sense the temperature of either the floor itself or the air, using sensor probes. Once your heat source is in place, our Installers will return to site to set up and teach you how to use the thermostats to get the best performance from your underfloor heating system.

With the Heatmiser neo thermostat range you are able to set your heating to automatically turn off when you leave the house and back on again when you return, an ideal energy saving feature.

Your neoHub will automatically download updates and apply new features which can help you keep on top of new features which help the system improve and become even more efficient over time.

Contact us for more information on how underfloor heating can save you money!

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