Humid summer leads to increased plant diseases and pond weed says Shrewsbury Plant Centre
18th July 2017
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Warm and humid summer weather has exacerbated problems caused by plant diseases and pond weed, says the manager of a leading Shropshire specialist plants centre.

Tim Robinson, manager of Love Plants, based at caravan and motorhome dealership Salop Leisure’s Shrewsbury headquarters, is advising gardeners to treat plants with fungicide before disease takes hold.

“Fungus problems are more troublesome for some gardeners this summer, possibly because plants are vulnerable when they are under stress due to the drought,” he said. “There has been a lot of disease in fruit tree and the humidity and warm weather has helped it to spread. 

“The cure is preventative treatment with fungicide before the problem gets established. Plant hygiene is also important, which means picking up and destroying infected leaves.” 

Another major summer problem has been fast-spreading blanket weed in ponds. He advises to treat the weed with two Cloverleaf products: Blanket Weed Answer and Sludge Answer. 

The first product kills the weed and the second disperses the weed when it sinks to the sludge at the bottom of the pond. 

Mr Robinson and his knowledgeable team of staff may be contacted at Love Plants at Emstrey.


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