How to train your puppy - call Shrewsbury dog trainer Mort Smith!
5th August 2013
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Mort Smith is an ex Police dog handler and uses his decades of experience to help train dogs in Shropshire. Well, actually, it's more a case of training the dog owner!

Who's in charge?

Yes, our dogs are our responsibility. If they're naughty, we've got to accept some of the blame. But how do we train our dogs? It's not a case of just yelling and screaming because - let's face it - we don't speak Dog. And their English is pretty limited. We can't be super nice to them 100% of the time either. When little Fido has ripped the curtains down, a quiet tut is hardly going to deter future destruction. Dogs have to know what's right and what's wrong - like humans really!


All in all, it's just easier to call Mort Smith! His work as a recommended dog trainer in Shrewsbury, Telford, Oswestry and Wrexham is legendary. His strapline is "Training you to train your dog". Simples! Most of the time it only takes a few hours, so it's pretty easy on the wallet too.

So if you've got a puppy peeing or a doggy destroying, give Mort a bell. He's a super friendly chap as well as a first class dog trainer.


By Andy Rao

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