How to make candidates feel comfortable during a job interview by Shrewsbury recruitment specialist
8th June 2015
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As a recruiter, interviewing is an integral part of the day, and the majority of these will go wrong due to the candidates being nervous, with the knock on effect of losing some potentially great hires. 

It is essential that you create a comforting and welcoming atmosphere for an interview so that candidates are able to show their best qualities and allow you to see the real talent. Here are a few tips from The Undercover Recruiter on how to help a candidate feel relaxed and comfortable in a job interview:

1.     Provide as much information as you can: 

Interviews can be scary for candidates as they don’t know what to expect in most cases, so providing information about the interview is a fantastic way to make them feel prepared. When inviting a candidate to an interview, specify topics that will be discussed as well as informing them of the company culture and the dress-code. 

2.     Be clear about what they can expect:

A great start can be achieved through the pre-interview stage by explaining the hiring process in detail, with its main steps and estimated time frame. If you are an office based business, there is a good chance candidates will be familiar with the process, but it is always good to explain the procedure of entering the building so that candidate are well-prepared. If the building is difficult to find, let the candidate know so they have plenty of time to find you. 

3.     Arrange a personal greeter:

If there are a number of interviews on one day, delegate to one person, the duty of greeting and looking after the candidates so that they feel more welcome and prepared for the interview. 

4.     The first moments: 

The main thing to remember is to be friendly, greet each candidate by name and say a bit about the company to allow them to settle for the interview. If you are conducting an interview with a panel, give quick introductions of the team so that the potential hire is aware of who they could be working with and where they sit in the company structure. There are a few ways in which you can start an interview, offer them a drink, or ask them what their impressions are so far or even try some initial ice-breaker questions so that they can be eased into the situation before the real interview starts. 

5.     Give candidates time to respond:

Allow candidates lots of time to answer questions and also ask them when in the interview. Be clear and don’t rush them as this could mean a panic answer. If they are formulating an answer, give them the tome to do this as in most cases you will receive the best answer.

6.     Limit distractions:

Everyone is settled into the interview and it is running smoothly, the worst thing that can happen is for your phone to ring or an email notification to appear., so ensure that all of these items are on ‘Do Not Disturb’. This also goes for those in the office, make sure that all colleagues are aware that interviews are taking place. By putting this in place, it shows the candidate that they have your undivided attention and that you are interested in what they are saying.

By applying all of these elements, you will see candidates become more comfortable and open and honest when answering questions, this should allow for you to assess if they are the right person for the role. 

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