Homeowners advised to survey old tree for storm damage
25th February 2020
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A specialist plants centre in Shrewsbury is advising homeowners to survey closely old trees in their gardens for signs of damage following Storms Ciara and Dennis which left a trail of destruction around the country.

Heather Evans, assistant manager of Love Plants at Salop Leisure’s Emstrey headquarters, says specialist help may be needed if old trees have been damaged and now pose a risk to property and the public. 

“If you are worried about an old tree, specifically if it’s near your house or there is public liability, you should definitely get a specialist in,” she said. “Many old trees can be rotten in the centre which makes them dangerous. 

“It’s best not to stick your head in the sand and ignore the potential danger. It might be cheaper in the long run to have the tree taken down.

“If the tree has a preservation order attached to it, the owner may find that they have to replace it with a similar species but take advice before you go ahead and buy a replacement.”

If a tree has been felled by the storms, Heather advises the owner to clear up the debris before deciding whether to replace it. 

“Storm damage can be upsetting and many people will worry about how much it’s going to cost,” she added. “If you are going to replace a tree, choose a time when the ground is moist and not frozen.

“You may find that there is more light in the garden without the tree which will require a change to your whole planting scheme.” 

She also advised gardeners who have recently planted trees and shrubs to check that they are secure by heeling them in after the weekend storm.

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