Hiring the right people is critical say Shrewsbury recruiters
24th October 2012
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With an average of 60 applications per vacancy posted in the county, Shrewsbury-based Red Recruitment has emphasised the importance to firms of hiring the right person first time, warning that many businesses are spending more than they should on the hiring process.

Meg Jones, Director at Red Recruitment, said: “Successful businesses are those who have the right people in the right roles, and so hiring the most suitable person for the role is imperative.

A firm will suffer many repercussions should their recruiting and selection systems fail and it’s therefore vital they commit to doing it properly from the outset, something that, surprisingly, some businesses simply don’t do.

"When the wrong person for a position is hired, it typically means having to refill the position again, and at an average of £4,500 per process, can result in severe damages to the business. “In today’s challenging economic climate, it is astonishing that employers across the UK could be wasting up to £270m on failed recruitment, according to a recent survey by a leading online training provider.

"With recruitment being one of the most important elements of a business’s strategy, it is crucial that companies find just the person they are looking for, by ensuring they have the processes in place to do it successfully.

“To make sure they get it right first time, employers should review their job descriptions so they are clear and accurate about the person they want for the role and, that they use the right interview processes, methods and techniques. If they want to ensure they experience a seamless process, it may also be worth them appointing an external agency to do it for them.

“There are also many hidden costs that employers sometimes aren’t aware of for example, advertising rates, the costs of using internal staff to sift through the masses of CVs, and the time it takes for the interview and selection stage, which is why we are urging businesses to be entirely sure that they have found the person that best fits the position, and if they aren’t sure, to get the advice they need."

For more information, call Red Recruitment on 01743 352222.

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