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2nd November 2012
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What has happened of course is that the internet has had a blip. But you really can’t afford that to happen at this stage.

Before you throw your computer out of the window – there is a solution, and it comes from Shropshire ITC – who have been trading for 18 months and have a team with a combined experience in the market of over 30 years. Company Director, Vince Dovey explains....

We offer a full portfolio of IT and Telecoms services from the selling of laptops and pc’s to installation of servers and telephone systems.

Superfast broadband

But the service most relevant here - is Superfast broadband – the answer to Shropshire’s connectivity problems. 

Numerous studies have been conducted into the adverse effects of slow broadband and so called “not spots” where no broadband is available. And rural Shropshire has several of them.

It is estimated that a lack of availability costs rural businesses hundreds of millions of pounds in lost opportunities each year. This figure does not also take into account the costs associated with using the traditional broadband suppliers for what is at best a patchy service.

Thousands with no access

It is worth noting that currently 20% of premises in Staffordshire and Shropshire who have broadband only experience connection figures of less than 2mbps and nearly 180,000 people in the area have no access to broadband at all.

Dominic Baliszewski, an industry expert has conducted research on the disparity between advertised speeds available and those actually received. For example the average broadband speed received by customers purchasing a 10mbps service is closer to 5.6Mbps.

Across the country there are regional pressure groups springing up to try to get people engaged in the fight to get meaningful speeds.

An example of this is the recently publicised “roll out” of Fibre to the Premises across Shropshire. Whilst on the face of it this should be a cause for celebration what BT have omitted to tell you is that the offer is not open to businesses.

Local councillors in all areas in Shropshire have voiced their dissatisfaction with the snail like pace of broadband in the county and the effect that this is having on businesses seeking to utilise the internet for their livelihoods.

Shropshire lags behind

Although £8million has been pledged by central government this is clearly not sufficient to bridge the funding gap in what is an extremely poorly served county. Despite the much publicised commitments from the regulatory bodies Shropshire still lags well behind the nation in terms of the available speeds for residential and commercial properties.

BT are tasked with rolling out higher speeds to a large per cent of the nation but to hit that target they are naturally going to look to improve built up densely populated areas first. Rural, sparsely populated areas are not always considered to be economically viable options for improvements.

Despite the initiatives and consumer demand we have already missed a number of targets set for increased broadband speeds and we are now being told it will be at least three years.

At SITC we can offer traditional broadband packages, indeed we have a large number of customers who have their provision through us.

Company with a conscience

However we cannot in all conscience offer unsuitable packages to clients who will not benefit from the speeds that are publicised.

This is why we are looking to offer satellite packages to any customers (residential or business) who currently experience slow broadband speeds.

We have customers in both built up areas of Telford and Shrewsbury and also in the most rural locations in North Wales, so location is not an issue.

We have tailored our packages to be on 12 month contracts rather than the industry standard 36 months. This is so our customers can access superfast broadband speeds immediately but as and when the traditional broadband becomes available in their area they can choose whether to move away from satellite provision.

So whether it’s watching online videos, surfing the net, emailing or downloading files, working from home, or transmitting files between sites, SITC can offer a service that does away with frustratingly low speeds & intermittent connections.

No matter where you live or work, our packages offer 24/7/365 connectivity with packages offering 2mb,8mb, 12mb or 18mb download speeds at prices that to suit all budgets.

In addition to the benefits of increased download speeds, the reliability of the satellite systems we offer mean that you can utilise VOIP (Voice Over IP) services meaning that you get high quality calls at extremely low costs and there is no need for expensive telephone systems.

Save £ on calls

The saving on calls alone often compensate for the monthly fee for the satellite service you choose. Satellite v Traditional broadband: It used to be the case that Satellite broadband was looked upon as either prohibitively expensive or patchy in terms of quality.

However with significant investment in infrastructure and with over 1 million customers now signed up this is no longer the case.

In addition to the high download speeds the equally important upload speeds of between 2mb and 6mb mean that you can instantly see the difference.


Getting Satellite systems installed could not be easier. SITC will conduct a brief site survey and then arrange for an engineer to visit at a pre-arranged time.

Our engineers will install the satellite with no mess and no fuss so disruption is at a minimum. We will then connect your new modem (we can add a wireless router as well if required), connect your computer(s) and take you through the new system.

Only when you are up and running and enjoying the new superfast service will our engineer leave.

Should there be any questions or if there are any areas where you feel that SITC could be of benefit to your company then please call 0845 617 1440. 

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