Have you considered learning another language asks Shrewsbury tutor
4th February 2015
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Have you ever thought of learning another language? Being able to talk to your loved one in French or indeed Italian, Spanish or German?

Joy! Post Christmas slump, we have survived January and Valentine's Day is almost upon us!

What better way to express your feelings to your loved one than the following in French... 

“ Je t'aime aujourd'hui, plus qu'hier, mais moins que demain” 

or in Italian, 

“Ti amo oggi, piu ch'ieri, ma meno che domani”

If your beloved prefers Spanish...

“Te quiero hoy, mas que ayer, pero menos que mañana”

Perhaps you would like to express your undying devotion in German?.....

“Ich liebe dich heute, mehr als gestern, aber nicht so viel wie morgen” 

Learning a foreign language is not just about murmuring sweet nothings (although that is definitely a bonus!) - it is scientifically proven to keep your brain active and stave off dementia, it is a phenomenal confidence booster, a definite way to boost your salary, an enormous benefit on your holidays and a huge advantage in business.

Also, for me, speaking four foreign languages, teaching them to people of all ages and using them in all contexts, are some of my greatest joys and have been for the last forty years since I started off as a freelance interpreter and translator.

So, whether you have a teenager who is fretting about GCSEs, parents or grandparents who would like a life enhancing new skill, or you yourself for that matter, act now and get in touch with me. To quote one of my earliest students, “I never knew that learning a new language could be so much FUN!” 

(Incidentally, the translation of the phrases at the beginning is: “I love you today, more than yesterday, but less than tomorrow” - my Valentine gift to you all!)

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