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28th February 2014
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Well how are you all managing this awful weather. These floods and gales, have a lot to answer to - causing havoc with our homes and daily routines and our health and beauty too.

Beauty and the common cold

Sniffly noses are a problem of their own, Without the awful dry flaky skin and redness it causes. The most important tip:

Every time you blow your nose, apply a cream so that it doesn't turn red and become sore. Any calming cream will help, even a soothing lip care is wonderfully suited to this. 

Also, always have a concealer to hand to hide the red tip of the nose!!!

Hair Care

We do enough ourselves to damage our hair, with all the high heat drying, straightening and bleaching. This weather just makes it harder for us to get it right. 

So be gentle to your hair, it's more at risk when wet. Every dragging motion can tear at the damaged areas. So remember to use professional care products. Keratin oil is a wonderful product to use to protect your hair all year round. It's great for the skin too!

Get a good regular cut too, it really is better to sacrifice a few centimetres to be rid of the split ends. Don't worry your hair will soon grow back- in four months it can grow four to five centimetres. 

I'm sure I can smell spring in the air!!!

So spend a little time now getting your hair, skin and nails back into tip top condition. 

I can't wait for spring. Lighter nights, brighter nail polish and a spring in our step!!

Please call or pop into the salon in Frankwell if you would like further advice or to book any appointments.

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