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2nd July 2013
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So, energy. We feel great when it's in abundance but when it's running low, it affects everything we do, the choices we make, changes the plans we've made, our state of mind. Everything. Do we pay much attention though to maintaining this power source? Keeping it's precious levels topped up so we're raring to go if the mood takes us?
Here's just a few idea's to hopefully inspire you to get your motor running and stay running...
Eat lots of berries - especially those that are red, blue or purple. The colour comes from the anthocyanins which are powerful antioxidants, great for boosting energy, and they make your breakfast look pretty!
Sniff some citrus...yes you read correctly! Citrus scents like orange or lemon can revitalise your senses and stimulate alertness. So lather on that lemony lotion!
Get your world organised - have a clear out, write a list, update your diary. When you're organised you don't have to expand mental energy keeping track of all the things you might forget. How many times have you woken up at night or can't get to sleep as your mind is whirring with all the things you must do?
Get more ginseng - you can get the energy boosting properties of this Chinese herb through a suppliment or herbal tea bags.
Switch off your television set and go out and do something less boring instead. Or switch off your internet, Facebook, Twitter...go see a human. We are social animals and need to connect in the flesh, it makes us feel good and. .  tah dah ramps up that energy.
Roll up and down on your toes - This little move stimulates your circulatory system and will deliver much needed oxygen and fuel throughout your body, leaving you more energised and revitalised in just one minute. It may also attract the odd curious glance at the bus stop!
And so to exercise, love it or hate it, we feel better for it. When you feel like you just need to be scooped up into a duvet, dragging yourself to an exercise class or outside for a walk or run has this magical effect. . you feel better! There's that energy that has been alluding you all day, you just needed to wake it up!
So there you have it, some tips for better energy. Here's just one more, check out the new classes that will be coming soon to Serenity, a full timetable will be available shortly including yoga, zumba and fitball.
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