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27th July 2009
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Summer's here (allegedly) and I've already heard a number of people saying how worried they are about showing their holiday bods! I tell them they're lucky to be having a holiday. A daytrip to Telford's about as much as I get these days.

But fretting over how you look is something that plagues everyone. Well, maybe apart from Angelina Jolie. Which is why the summer's such a popular time for getting back into shape. Have you ever thought about using a Personal Trainer? Daniel Blant is one of the main men in Shrewsbury for this. An advanced level Exercise Professional Instructor, Nutritionist, Sports Massage Therapist plus 4 years with the Commandos! I kid you not. So he can whip you into shape plus show you how to make a bivouac.

I had to lose some weight recently so did the 'no carbs after 4pm' thing. Which worked but made me as miserable as anything. Plus no carbs gives you breath straight from Satan's bottom. So Daniel would be a much better bet.

But for those of you who think we're not getting a summer and are already looking for logs and kindling, you'll need new Business Member DJ Price Timber & Fencing Supplies! (Smooth link there....) They're a family-run business who can supply all your timber in Shrewsbury, from fencing panels to barbed wire and of course firewood.

Speak soon,              Andy

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