Foreign language tuition in Shrewsbury - enhance your next holiday!
29th August 2013
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How many times have you come back from a fabulous foreign holiday wishing that you'd been able to speak even a little of their language...?

How much more fun would it have been if you had been able to order your drinks or meal in Spanish, not to mention actually understanding the menu?

Can you imagine what pleasure you would have from chatting to local people in their language and “fitting in”?

Professional foreign language tuition in Shrewsbury

  • French
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Italian


Yes, four langauages...! I also teach the piano, if you fancy tinkling the ivories too!

I can help you with all of your holiday chat and so much more. Many of my clients are students who need a bit of help with exams, or retired couples looking for a wonderful new skill.

Of course, you can buy a phrase book when you next go abraod and learn how to ask for a double room with a sea view... but what happens when they believe that you are relatively fluent and answer you or fire a few questions back?!

Learning another language is about so much more than these examples, but - ultimately – it is one of the most potent confidence builders you can indulge in.

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To find out just how easy it is to develop a new talent and keep your brain active, please contact me – Suzi Rixon, 2's Company, on 01939 210424 – and continue the continental experience!

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