Essence of Ireland a spectacle and delight at Theatre Severn Shrewsbury
3rd March 2014
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The critically acclaimed and smash hit show "Essence of Ireland" was a thoroughbly enjoyable experience at Theatre Severn in Shrewsbury.

Set against the backdrop of Ireland, England and America in the 20th century and inspired by true events, Essence of Ireland tells a story of love, joy, happiness and heartache endured by Cora McGowan and Sean Dempsey as they are separated by emigration from each other and their beloved Ireland.

This moving story told through music, song and dance is a celebration of all things Irish and certainly took the audience on a rollercoaster ride of emotions offering a unique Irish experience.

My dad, is Irish born and bred, but having lived here since he was 17 he takes every opportunity he can to visit his homeland. So I was happy to be able to share this show with him and I am even happier to report we both loved it.

With a physical back-drop telling the story of Ireland's history, while cleverly being played out through dramatic song, music and dance centre stage, this lively show was informative, educational, beautiful and really very entertaining all at the same time.

My dad obviously knew a lot more about the history of Irland than I but I was really glad to be able to learn more about thie neighbouring island that means so much to our family. Plus the familiar traditional Irish music and dance holds a special place in all of hearts. It was a slick and colourful production, that's sure to offer something to please all tastes.

Theatre Severn offers a huge spectrum of shows with something to suit everyone. If you haven't checked out what's on - you can by visiting or calling 01743 281281. 

By Catherine Buckley

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