Easyflow in Shrewsbury ask are you unsure which products to use on your Anhydrite screed floor
1st December 2014
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Here at Easyflow we have put together a list of recommended compatible products that you may want to consider using to ensure compatibility between products at all stages of the flooring process.

If you are using a final floor finish which will be fixed to the screed’s surface using an adhesive then you will need to lightly sand the laitance off the surface of the screed before using a compatible primer and adhesive. We recommend sanding your screed floor between 7 to 10 days after installation.



Tremco CS175 Epoxy Primer 
Water based epoxy primer for porous substrates. Excellent adhesion to concrete, sand/cement and polymer modified screeds, including calcium sulphate screeding compounds.

Ball Stopgap P121 Acrylic Primer 
Acrylic primer designed to prevent the rapid drying of adhesives and smoothing underlayments to calcium sulphate (anhydrite) screeds.

BAL Prime APD 
Rapid-drying acrylic primer for tiling onto plaster walls and plasterboard, anhydrite screed floors and cement floors.

Mapei Primer G 
Synthetic-resin-based water-dispersion primer for treating gypsum surfaces prior to fixing ceramic tiles.

Kerakoll Primer A Eco 
Water-based surface primer that neutralizes the expansive chemical reaction of gypsum or anhydrite based plasters and screeds on contact with cement-based adhesives.


Kerakoll H40 Ideal 
Professional single-component adhesive suitable for substrates with a gypsum or anhydrite base.

Tilemaster Adhesives AnhyFix 
Gypsum based, polymer modified, flexible, rapid setting floor and wall tile adhesive.

Gyptek Adhesive 
Gypsum based, flexible floor tile adhesive with high performance rapid setting qualities suitable for application over underfloor heated screeds.


Laybond Screedmaster One Coat Liquid DPM 
2 part solvent free epoxy surface damp proof membrane developed to suppress residual moisture affording protection for the floor coverings, adhesives, smoothing compounds and primers used in flooring installations.

Tremco Treadfast One Coat Universal 
Two part epoxy-based surface damp proof membrane. Suppresses residual constructional moisture in concrete and sand/cement floors.

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