Don't put off aesthetic improvements says Shrewsbury dentist
5th July 2014
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I see so many new patients for facial aesthetics at The Dental Spa, and nearly all of them tell me initially that they have been thinking about having ‘something done’ for ages.

After treatment they often say’ I wish I hadn’t waited’, because they are so relieved at how simple , and effective the treatment is.

Nowadays the products and techniques mean little risk or downtime afterwards, so don’t entail time off work, hiding evidence from partners, thick make up!

Main concerns

Main concerns are also the prices of treatments, I give patients a comprehensive quote at the complimentary consultation, there are no hidden charges,all reviews are included.

It is a good idea to start with a small simple treatment, perhaps to get rid of something you always hate when you glance in the mirror, a scar of a particular line on your face for instance.

Other concerns are ‘ I don’t want to be frozen’, ‘ I won’t have a trout pout will I?’.

Natural treatments

The treatments I carry out are very natural, I aim to freshen faces, enhance skin tone and elasticity.

I add lost volume, I don’t put volume where there has never been any.Nobody wants enormous lips nowadays, they just want a smile that is balanced,without smokers lines, of a downturn at the corners of the mouth.

Patients are thrilled to have their cheeks lifted which can take such a small amount of product, and transforms their face, leaving them looking less tired and more healthy.

Informed decision

No patient should feel rushed or forced to have treatment, it must be an informed decision they have made themselves.

If you think I maybe talking about you then come and have a chat to see if we can help you.

Done gently and carefully these treatments really improve your confidence and allow you to get on with life .

By Emma Preston

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