Does Santa outsource his elf and safety asks Shrewsbury expert
9th December 2015
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Most of us are looking forward to Christmas and the lovely presents Santa will drop down the chimney on Christmas Eve. 

But we should remember Santa's dedication to health and safety which ensures we all receive our gifts on time.  Santa’s record of zero accidents is unrivalled – not one elf or reindeer has been hurt in the run up to Christmas for many years.

So how does Santa achieve an unblemished accident record?

A strong health and safety culture

Firstly he is committed to ensuring his elves are healthy and safe.  He has a strong health and safety culture at the North Pole and a behavioural safety programme to make all the elf supervisors and toymakers accountable.  His collaborative, team based approach is backed up by a health and safety policy, and procedures that fit with his organisation and toy making processes.

Appropriate risk assessment


Then there is the factory where the elves make the toys.  There’s the risk assessments for the power tools they use, COSHH assessments for the chemicals to glue the toys together and even a North Pole certification board to make sure the toys are safe for all the children to play with.

Santa has all his fire and work at height risk assessments in place for dropping down the Chimney, and also has his magic dust regularly tested by competent elves to ensure it will work when he needs it.

Manage stress

The night shifts the elves work to ensure every gift is made and delivered on time are physically and mentally demanding.  The stress levels could increase as the deadline draws near and the pressure mounts.  We’re pretty sure Santa must be employing the HSE’s stress standards to keep his elves healthy and resilient. 

Remember the travelling

Obviously we can’t forget the reindeer, someone has to care for them, make sure they are well fed, rested and watered.  They have regular training  runs to keep them up to date on any new developments.  We are planning to keep our eyes peeled this December in case we catch a glimpse!

And then there’s the night itself, which is much longer than a night given all those time zones!  The travel risk assessment considers the cold night air, using a hands free mobile set to get in touch with Mrs Claus at HQ, the potential for getting stuck down a chimney and the emergency procedures needed to get him out.  What a night!

Regular debriefs

Every January it’s time for a debrief, the team review the policies and procedures, carry out audits of toy equipment supply chains and take a step back to learn any lessons from  the year before.  This way they can make sure everything is ship shape before the next 11 months of craziness commences.

Obviously Santa has a fantastic Head of Elf and Safety or does he outsource some of his responsibilities to Salopian Health & Safety Consultancy?  That’s between us and Santa. 

Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy and safe New Year!


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