Damaging Your Brand for the Likes
10th May 2021
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It’s great to get engagement on your socials, right? But not at the expense of your brand. Because your brand is everything.

Here are some examples of the kind of posts I mean:

Happy Fri-yay! Which of these two dogs is the cutest?

If your name’s on this list, you’re going to receive some great news today!

Don’t post for engagement’s sake

I could go on. But I won’t because it’s too painful. I’m talking about social media posts that are purely made to get likes, with no thought of what damage they may do to the brand in the eyes of the people who matter the most, i.e. the people most likely to buy off you.

Because it doesn’t matter if your sister likes your post. It doesn’t matter if your best mate hits the “laughing face” emoji. It doesn’t matter if that person who fancies you comments saying how inspiring your post was.

It looks great on the surface, of course. You did a post an hour ago and it’s already had lots of engagement. Again, we’re all told to focus on engagement. But we’re not told to focus on the right sort of engagement”


Engagement from the right people. 

If you’re a legal firm, say, or a premium health spa, chances are telling people if their name’s on the list they’re going to get some great news is going to put off more of the right people than attract… especially over time. Once in a while, fine. Do a post for the LOLs. But overall, you want to be seen as a professional firm that knows the law inside out. Or a health spa that knows wellness inside out. 

Here’s the thing – “Twee” posts with no purpose simply show that the person writing the posts doesn’t understand your business’s growth strategy… or, worse, you don’t have a strategy. Social media’s just seen as a bit of fun that anyone can do. Bob in Accounts has lots of Insta followers, so let him do our socials…. Oh, the horror stories I could share about businesses that place the responsibility of their social media in the wrong hands…. 

 So look beyond the likes. What is your content actually DOING for your business? Is it moving you forward, backwards or you don’t know? 

 If it’s either of the latter two, book a Discovery Call with myself or Joel!

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