Christmas shopping in Shrewsbury
23rd December 2010
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Things in the office world seem to be wrapping up for the holidays, so may I wish you all a very happy Christmas. Or, in this PC day and age, "season's greetings".... Remember if you've left your prezzie buying till the last minute, check out our Shopping in Shrewsbury recommended guide.

I've done all my shopping and, bar a couple of things going walkies in the post, it's been a success. Much better than rushing around like a demented loon on Christmas Eve, which is what usually happens to me. Speaking of the post, it's reassuring that our 11-year old papergirl hasn't missed a single delivery of the Shropshire Star, yet the postie has turned up about twice in the past fortnight. Had to mention that, as lovely as Royal Mail are.

I hope the snowy Shrewsbury weather hasn't affected you too much. My mum and dad haven't left their house since the weekend. I'm expecting to have to make a food run soon before they start gnawing at the furniture. Mum's mobile has gone on the blink too, which is another of her lifelines cut off (Emma calls it her pacemaker...). I told mum to take her brick-like circa 1996 Nokia to The Phone Box... when the snow's melted, obviously. But it's nice to have a white Christmas - we'll just have to put up with even more Bing Crosby than usual.

So have a good one. Remember what Christmas is all about - peace, goodwill and The Great Escape.

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