Choosing a web designer in Shrewsbury?
8th June 2012
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Graphic designer Joel Stone from Salop Creative in Shrewsbury shares his top 5 tips for choosing the right web design company....

There is a huge variety of web design companies available to choose from ranging from the ultra technical to the fantastically creative. All of which have their pros and cons. Finding the right balance for your business and the web design company that suits you best isn't always an easy task. Here is our 5 tips to help you decide:

Free consultation

Most reputable companies should offer a consultation process and more often than not this should be free. This is your opportunity to pick their brains and find out as much about them as you can. Prepare a list of “straight-to-the-point” questions and expect decent answers. Good questions might include cost, timeframe, prior work, SEO, and ongoing upkeep. 


Does the design company your considering have a relevant portfolio of work? Have they built sites that you like before? Have they worked for a company in your sector before? Some of these questions may not matter to you, but its a good way of getting to know their capabilities and the sort of features they include in their sites.

Search Engine Optimisation

Does the company talk to you about building the website with a good foundation for ongoing SEO? Will the pages and the structure of the site be optimised as part of the design and build process? Having a high Google ranking is important to ensure your business is being found online, what are this web design company going to do to help you achieve that?


Has anyone you know had work from this design company? What were their impressions? Professional references give you a behind the scenes glimpse in what it might be like to work with this company.


Does their website have testimonials from previous clients? Check their testimonials for key points outlining website, customer service and deadlines. 

Be thorough with your examination of the potential companies you want to work with. Choosing the right web design agency can be the difference between success and failure. A well designed and executed online presence is essential to being an available business to your potential clients. 

For more information, contact Salop Creative on 01743 493077.
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