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17th June 2014
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Child safety has always been paramount at Bob The Blindman from the early days of our business we have consistently offered safety devices to all our customers both at the time of fitting and after the event.

The window blinds industry has looked hard and long at the issue of cords on blinds and have brought in new regulations regarding the fitting of blinds and safety devices.

There has been a lot written in the press about the dangers of looped cords on blinds especially vertical blinds and roller blinds and there are major changes that have been in force since early 2014.

New regulations (BS EN13120) mean that every single window blind has to comply with the relevant regulations.

To ensure every single blind sold, fitted or repaired by Bob the Blindman is child safe we have recently invested heavily in new machinery to manufacture "Safe by Design" blinds that are fully compliant with BS EN 1320. We are a fully certified manufacturer of Vertical Blinds, Roller Blinds, Roman Blinds and all other blind types are sourced from fully compliant and certified manufacturers.

Every single safety product design is rigorously tested to ensure its total compliance and all staff are fully trained on installing any safety device 

What does "Safe by Design" mean in practice?

Vertical blinds with wand control as standard.

Vertical blinds with cords and chains fitted with compliant cord tidy.

Roller Blinds fitted with control chain easy break device x 2 designed to break out at 7 pounds of pressure.

Roller Blinds fitted with cord tidy fixed securely to wall or window.

Roman Blinds fitted with cord tidy or easy break connectors.

Venetian Blinds fitted with cord consolidators and cord tidy cleat.

But what about my existing blinds?

For a FREE safety check why not give Bob the Blindman a call on 0800 7837001 and we will advise you on what you need to do to ensure the blinds in your home are safe. We will arrange to fit fully compliant safety devices on your existing blinds at a very reasonable cost.

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