Check your partner's skin says Shrewsbury expert
8th April 2013
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If you are thinking of warmer weather and at last getting rid of your winter woollies spare a thought for your skin, says Dr Simon Reed of The Skin Clinic in Shrewsbury.

It’s been covered up for many months but maybe soon it will be a good time to just cast an eye over yours and your partners.

Did you know that wives and girlfriends find over 25% of their partners skin cancers but men only account for 3% of finding these on their ladies?

It seems women are much more observant and aware of the skin of their partners than men.

If you are over 40 and have new or changing moles it may well be worth getting them checked.

This is best done by a doctor trained in the use of dermoscopy; a new science using magnification and polarised light.

It is quick and simple and suspicious moles can be diagnosed and dealt with , and of course it can be a great feeling to be re-assured if all is well.

In particular you may be in a high risk group if you are red haired or blonde, have lived or worked in a tropical climate, have a family history of a skin cancer or have had sunburn in earlier life.

I have worked in the skin clinic at the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital for the past 13 years and see skin cancer on a daily basis , and know the key to successful treatment is early diagnosis. So if you are in doubt, get a skin check!

For more information, or to have anything you are concerned about looked over, call The Skin Clinic on 01743 493074.

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