Bach flower therapist shows how it can boost your wellbeing
14th March 2016
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I have been encouraged to write a blog about boosting people with Bach Flower Essences following an epidemic of the latest flu type illness that has affected so many people.

Generally, the concept of Dr Bach is that, to prevent physical conditions, it is vital to balance the mind and the emotions. That, of course, is true. However, please don't imagine that Bach Flower essences cannot help you once you have a physical illness or condition.

Following a long, ongoing episode of flu or a bad cold, it is normal to feel wiped out, lethargic and generally grim. However, I have realised that, this time, these symptoms have gone on for far longer than usual. So... I would recommend the following flower essences for the following symptoms:

OLIVE suffered long under adverse conditions, or vitality has been sapped form a long illness.

CLEMATIS Drowsiness. Listlessness. Falls asleep easily. Avoids difficulties by withdrawing.

ELM Sudden feeling of being overwhelmed by responsibilities and being inadequate for them Momentary doubts of abilities causes weakness and debility. BUT all symptoms are only temporary.

GENTIAN.... Melancholy, negative outlook. A good convalescing tonic when indicated.

HORNBEAM Weariness, mental fatigue. The remedy that gives strength to those who feel weary in mind and body and cannot cope with things of the moment.

WILD ROSE Always weary, lacking in vitality.

These are snippets of one side of the coin - to learn much more how I can help you, then please come and see me and let me show you how I can bring back your inner sparkle and release negativity!

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