Bach Flower Therapist based in Shrewsbury shares why she loves her job
30th May 2013
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There are many reasons why Suzi Rixon of 2's Company adores being a Bach Flower Therapist based in Shrewsbury.

She will be sharing her wisdom with us over coming blogs, but to begin with this is why she enjoys her job.....

I have realised, over the years, that life isn't black and white. People may come to me because they are stressed, bullied, angry, sad, grieving, empty, without hope.

The Bach flower essences can deal with each emotion in isolation, but what I love is the positive element of each individual essence. For every negative emotion, there is a positive side. Dr Bach discovered that healing someone isn't just about “taking the pain away”.  There is an indisputable benefit in reminding everyone that they have something uniquely valuable within themselves.

By discovering a combination of flower essences that is appropriate for the emotions that are causing the upset,  it is invaluable to stress the positive quality of each one.

Let me give you an example:

Vine is a flower remedy for those who are arrogant, bossy and manipulative. It is also an affirmative essence for those who have the potential to inspire others and have strong leadership qualities.

Gorse is superb for those who are “burnt out” and despairing. The converse side is the ability to give people hope of recovery, to “fire them up” and to engender joy and vitality.

Whenever someone come to see me, they leave feeling infinitely more positive than when they arrived.

Perhaps you can see why I am so enthusiastic?

For more information on Bach Flower Therapy, please call Suzi at 2's Company on 01939 210424.

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