Autumn beauty tips for you!
15th October 2013
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Shrewsbury beautician column: Top hair and beauty tips for you as the cold months kick in.

I don't know about you but after the summer months I find that autumn and winter can be harsh on my skin, hair and nails. This is because the lack of sunshine prevents us from getting our daily dose of natural vitamin D, which helps our skin, hair and nails stay healthy.

Foods we can include in our diet that can help are yogurt, cheese, milk, and any food high in vitamin D such as oily fish and eggs. So that's plenty of scrambled egg and smoked salmon breakfasts for me then!!!

Tips for skin

I would recommend a really good moisturiser for this time of year, and one that contains UVA/UVB protection to protect from the harsh outside weather. Drinking plenty of water helps too - water is the solution to many health problems if you can get your eight glasses a day.

Tips for hair

My hair is short, so it is cut regularly  which helps keep it in good condition. So I would recommend a hair cut every six weeks. And use a really good conditioner to replace the moisture that's lost from the weather (not to mention the hairdryer and straighteners!).

Your hairdresser should have a conditioning treatment that they could put on your hair when you go in for your regular trim. Ask them next time, it will really help. My Shrewsbury hair salon uses organic conditioners, which our customers love and our hair is in great condition! So buy the best you can afford.

Tips for nails

Our nails tend to behave in the same way as our hair, so can tend to become brittle. Applying a good hand and nail moisturiser will help - oil is great for the cuticles. At Cowlick we use an almond-based oil which contains neroli and rosemary, but your regular kitchen olive oil will do the trick too! Really. Also, applying a good base coat to your nails will protect them. A regular file and tidy keeps them strong as well. 

By following the simple tips above, autumn doesn't have to be the season we dread. Put simply, keep hydrated and apply regular care to hair, nails and skin and we will all see the benefits. 

Good luck and happy autumn!

By Nikki Cooke

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