Are you too scared to go to the dentist asks Shrewsbury dental practice
29th January 2015
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Over half the population are not registered with a dentist due to fear or phobia.  

Often patients put off going due to a bad experiance or projected fear from anxious parents. It is not unusual for us to treat patients who have not seen a dentist for ten, twenty or even more years.

The world of dentistry has evolved so much over the last ten years making the experience far more pleasurable. We pride ourselves at the Dental Spa in making the journery from booking an appointment to recieving treatment as stress free as possible.

Offering a free unlimited counselling service where patients can be heard in a non clinical enviroment. Foucusing on the here and now (as quite often what started the problem is often not the same as what is keeping it going). Reducing smells and sounds working with the patient at their pace, so they are in control 100% of the time.

Patients are treated without judgment and are informed of any costs prior to treatment. Intrest free financial plans are availiable so payments can be broken down over a series of visits.

We aim with time to build a relationship based on trust and erradicate patients fear/phobia to achieve a healthy and attractive smile. 

New year, new smile!

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