All or Nothing: Why You Can’t Just Dabble In Your Marketing
2nd August 2021
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Lots of people are walking around with face masks slung underneath their faces. “Chin hammocks,” my wife calls them.

It saves you having to take them on and off, for sure. I get that. It’s become a fashion accessory for some.

But, when you’re in shops or on public transport, that’s when you put your mask on properly. It’s there to cover your mouth and nose. That’s the whole point.

If it’s still slung around your chin, it’s no good.

If it’s only covering your mouth, it’s no good.

If you choose to wear a mask, there’s no middle ground

It’s the same with business. You’re committed or you’re not. People like talking about “side hustles” and “part-time ventures”, which is great, as long as you only expect part-time results.

It’s the same with marketing your business. It’s all or nothing. Market your business a little, and you’ll get a little. When a business is recruiting for a “part-time receptionist/marketer”, that tells me everything I need to know about whether Codebreak can help them or not.

If your marketing is slung under your chin, it might look cool but it will do bugger-all for you.


So, here’s how you attack your marketing 100%…

You come to the FREE one-day workshop that Joel and I are putting on – live on stage. Come and see just how short I am in person. You’ll learn first-hand how and why Codebreak’s Marketing That Sells™ system works. This is only for people with a full-time business who are serious about growth and scale. It will take part in a venue around the Shrewsbury area and numbers will be limited.

As well as learning lots, attendees will get my personal “no selling from the stage” guarantee. Even though the day will be free, including lunch, Joel and I won’t be locking the doors behind you and giving you some cheesy sales spiel. We’ve probably all been there…!! Enjoy a 50% discount only if you sign up as a client here and now. Awkward….

To get onto the info list for Stay Hungry – Live, simply email saying you’re interested.


Priority access will be given to people who are signed up to Codebreak’s legendary emails. If you’re not yet receiving them, click here.

When the details have been firmed up, one of the team will send them over to you and you can book on or not.

Stay safe and, of course, stay hungry.

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