Advice on overcoming your fear of the dentist
13th May 2014
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Do you have a real fear of visiting the dentist? If the answer is yes you are not alone, but with the right dentist and over time you can conquer this fear.

Many people have a real fear which can even be described as a phobia of visiting the dentist and because of this they may not attend for many years. Patients are often frightened that on their visit to the dentist they will have to sit through uncomfortable or painful treatment, especially if they have suffered from bad experiences at the dentist in the past.

Here at Esthetique Dental we promise this will not happen when you visit us. We will not do any treatment until you are comfortable and we will go at your pace. We use excellent anesthetics and gentle techniques and we consider our care of you to be failing unless you are completelly comfortable at all times.

Patients who have not been to a dentist for many years are often embarrassed about their teeth and this increases their reluctance to see a dentist. There is no need to feel like this. The team at Estetique Dental are all experienced dental professionals, and we can assure you that we see patients with high treatment requirements all the time. It takes a lot of courage to come for treatment if you are nervous, especially when you know you need a lot of work. We applaud that and we will help you on your way towards a healthy mouth and that amazing smile you have always wanted.

Please contact us on 01939 211150 or visit the website via the link to find out more and take your first steps to overcoming your fear.

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