Advice on how to find the best temporary staff by Shrewsbury recruitment experts
25th March 2015
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It can always be a struggle to find a temporary employee to join your company. There are obvious worries, such as; will they take their role seriously? Will they leave before the end of their contract? etc. 

The main aim is to find temporary staff that is committed, passionate and able to get on with the job from day one. There are a few ways in which you can skim the best talent and keep them for as long as possible, here are some of those ways suggested by The Undercover Recruiter: 

Do they understand your business?

A candidate should show their commitment by researching the company they are about to join, whether it’s only for a week or for a fixed monthly contract. Even if the business is small and there isn’t much information about them, you should be able to gauge whether a candidate is really interested or not. It seems obvious, but many of us miss the warning signs when a candidate is not the right fit. They could be confident and willing at first but then find that the role isn’t for them. When meeting the candidate, make sure they are fully informed of the role and your company.

Do they have passion for the industry?

There is a ‘job-hopping’ culture growing in the UK and temporary roles have somewhat helped those wanting to just get paid and move on. So what are the best ways to ensure you’re not attracting these types of candidates? Make sure advertising is being conducted on industry specific job boards or with an agency which specialises in your sector. By doing this, applicants will have a genuine interest in the sector along with previous experience. It is always important to find someone with passion as you’ll always get their best from them. A candidate may also be interested in temporary work to gain more experience in the industry, and this could be the perfect role for them.

Ask them what their future aims are.

So some candidates may be in temporary work to gain further experience in the industry, by asking them more about their plans, you will get a better idea of who they are, what they want to achieve, and where they see themselves progressing.

What are you doing for them?

The job role needs to suit the candidate so that the candidate will suit the team and the company culture. A temporary role can be a great opportunity for some, though for others it is a last resort as they want something more permanent, but don’t get the idea that your company is undesirable to work at. To make the role more attractive, you could offer added extras such as; shadowing senior members of the team or teaching them a new skill that will help them progress in the industry. Things like this will help your temporary role stand out from the crowd and attract more suitable and qualified candidates. 

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