Advice about kids, sweets and Easter chocolate by Shrewsbury dental practice
16th April 2014
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Everyone knows that dentists frown upon anything sweet, but that doesn't mean we want you to deny yourself from one of life's greatest pleasures. At the Dental Spa in Shrewsbury we are realistic and hope we can give some guidance for getting through the Easter period.

Easter is almost here and the Bunny is busy choosing the best hiding places in the garden for Easter Sunday morning. I wonder if the Tooth Fairy thinks the Easter Bunny is her mortal enemy?

Even our dental hygienists and dentists at the Dental Spa in Shrewsbury love some chocolate, and know that it is not realistic to deny children (and adults!) sweet treats at this time of year. However, we do have some suggestions on how to cope with the influx of Easter goodness, for you and your children.

Make sure you and your children brush teeth twice daily with a pea-sized amount of fluoride toothpaste for two minutes at a time. To reduce the amount of times your teeth come into contact with sugar, we suggest you have your Easter eggs at meal times. (Personally? I start my Easter egg at breakfast, with a milky coffee -Yum!). Save any remaining Easter chocolate for special treats; for example, set aside a day when children are allowed something sweet after dinner. Weekend days are "pudding" days in my house. Have your selected bit of Easter chocolate in one sitting; do not prolong the experience, despite how tempting it is.

It's important to be aware that small amounts of sugar, in drinks and snacks eaten frequently throughout every day, cause tooth decay. Keep sugar-containing food to mealtimes, and don't drink sweet drinks between meals.

Remember that we now have the "Super Spa Kidz Club", which meets regularly to have a fun and informative session with our oral health and hygiene experts.  Your child will be given advice and information that will encourage them to keep their teeth clean and to make healthy choices for themselves.

Here at the Dental Spa and Skin Clinic, we all hope that you have an enjoyable Easter and that you receive some delicious Easter eggs!

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