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6th March 2017
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How exciting, it’s that time of year again. The new reg is here! (is it really 2017?). So that fresh, new, shiny paintwork is going to get some beating from our British roads and Ace are here to save the day!

Stone chips are the bane of many car owners lives, I know what it’s like when I come round to washing my car and I see the front bumper covered. 

But what if there was a way to protect the paintwork?

WAIT – there is.

Here are 4 pretty good reasons why you should get some ACE Paint Protection Film on your car…

1.Retain the Cars Value

This is a pretty important one, stone chips and obvious wear and tear can really devalue a car when it comes to that time of selling or taking it back to the lease/hire company.

You can be penalised hundreds of pounds for any damage that is found by the lease/hire inspector including stone chips and light scratching.

Paint Protection covers the most vulnerable parts of your vehicle to ensure that they are protected from exactly that light scratching and stone chips so you’re not left with hefty bills and the vehicle can retain its value whether selling or returning.

2.Enhance The Paintwork

Paint Protection film adds a beautiful shine to your vehicle that can enhance the look of the fresh paint as well as protect. Our film is Ultra Clear and provides the ultimate protection for your vehicle, with self-healing properties you can add a small amount of heat to heal any minor imperfections in the film from the road. 

3.Make Car Cleaning Quicker

Our Paint protection film repels dust build-up on your car which means when it’s time for the weekly wash, it’s a much faster job. 

Don’t worry, you can still take your vehicle to a car wash/valeter we just always advise to let them know you have Paint Protection film on your vehicle so they can treat it with the best care. 

We also recommend in between washes, running a soft cloth over the surface to keep it looking shiny and to preserve your Film.

4.Be Protected For Longer 

We want to make sure you’re 100% happy that’s why we offer a 5 Year Product Warranty and 3 year Fitting Warranty.

Our film is pretty sturdy clever stuff, it’s resistant to chemicals such as TFR, Tar and Glue, Petrol, Thinners etc, so we’re very confident you will be happy but, you have an ACE warranty there for peace of mind (see what I did there).

If you would like to protect your vehicle from unsightly stone chips and preserve the paintwork please call us on 01743 466100.

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