3 new years cleaning resolutions to start in 2015 by Mrs Mopp cleaning services in Shrewsbury
12th January 2015
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Well here we are at the start of another New Year and with that we make our resolutions to become a better person and to give ourselves a better year than the previous one. One way to make your life easier and therefore a bit better is, without a doubt, to get organised in your home.

Not only will getting organised clear out literal space in your home but you will be surprised how much space it will clear up in your mind and life too. Sometimes the wood and trees need to be separated right?

Here’s our 3 New Years Resolutions for a cleaner and more organised home

1.    Make a plan to de-clutter your home

Now that the Christmas madness has passed, we all need to decide where the new presents will live. We need to create space in order that our homes don’t end up looking like they should feature on some hoarders style documentary. 

There are 3 things you should keep in mind when de-cluttering to keep you on track and focused on having a clutter free home that will be both easier to tidy and keep clean.

  1. Have 3 boxes/big bags to hand i) Skip/Recycle ii) Keep/Store iii) Charity
  2. Be harsh with yourself – for every 1 new item in, 2 must go!
  3. Pace yourself. It took years to fill your home with stuff; it will take more than a weekend to get it all out. Don’t panic, we have the year - create a plan, room-by-room 

2.    Keep a cleaning basket on each level of your home

For every level of your home, or for every bathroom and/or toilet, keep a little cleaning basket to hand. Having a cleaning basket on each floor will save you from running up and down the stairs which will save you time on your cleaning routine. Having a to-hand cleaning basket will also help with spot cleaning on immediate messes or give you a duster to hand and something to do when you have 5 minute to spare. 

 3.    Design A cleaning Rota For Your Home

We all know there are certain tasks that have to be done within a home to keep it to a certain standard of clean. We all know (sadly) there is no such thing as a cleaning fairy, and so, each household needs to have a system to get the cleaning tasks done.

As my own mother used to say, “I don’t make the mess on my own and I’m not cleaning it on my own!” Now, as an adult, with 4 children of my own and a busy life, I can see her point. Cleaning house should be a whole family job!

For the simplest cleaning rota design, write down all cleaning tasks within the home, I.e. Vacuuming, mopping, polishing etc. and then divvy the tasks out, depending on age and responsibility level, for set days, to all I members of your family cleaning crew and get cracking!

For those of you who find all the above a bit daunting or just don’t have the time, your cleaning resolution should be to call Mrs Mopp for a chat.

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