• 4 The Creative Quarter, Shrewsbury Business Park, Shrewsbury, Shropshire
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Codebreak is based in Shrewsbury and serves UK businesses who need more leads from their marketing & advertising.

Codebreak is a Direct Response Marketing company in Shrewsbury. The crew helps business owners get more prospects and leads. They do this through world class experience in digital ads.


A proven combination of Meta Ads, sales pages / websites, ad retargeting and email/SMS funnels.


So, if you're a hungry business owner needing a more reliable stream of qualified leads, apply for a free Discovery Call. Bag yourself some quick & easy wins and find out whether there's a good fit.


There are two main services on offer: Done-For-You Advertising and their 90-day Marketing Academy. So either they take care of every aspect of your digital ads for you or train you how to do it yourself.


Everything is driven by their unique digital ads formula. This is what will build your database - where the gold lies and where you're in control.


Some marketing companies will run just one or two ads for a client, and they won't even be properly designed or managed. Often, they won't even be targeting the right people, i.e. the people most likely to buy off you.


Codebreak, however, will numerous ads for you, designed with action in mind... testing & measuring regularly, so you get the biggest bang for your buck. 


Shrewsbury-based marketing & design team with experience across:








Codebreak focuses on LEAD GEN. They don't do fluff and theory, which might look and sound cool, but won't actually make your boat go faster. Getting lots of 'likes' on your socials is nice but won't put food on the table. You need reliable leads regularly coming in to do that.

You'll benefit from having a minimum of three of the Codebreak crew looking after your account. So your service won't be affected by realities such as holidays and sick days. You'll enjoy access to their diaries, to avoid wasting time playing telephone tennis. They put clients ahead of prospects.

Ultimately, what Codebreak will save you is TIME and PAIN. Time you won't have to spend keeping up with marketing trends and the pain of the till not ringing often enough.

If you're fed up with the traditional marketing & advertising agency BS, apply for your free Discovery Call today!

Please mention the best of shrewsbury when contacting Codebreak.

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