The Secret to Seriously Good Italian
19th September 2014
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Naples living in London are flocking to Canta Napoli in Teddington so we asked owner Julia to reveal the secrets to their seriously good Italian cuisine.

“It is the freshness and quality of ingredients used. And the authentic culinary secrets that are close to the heart of the Naples region.

“There are three staples” explains Julia “that we rely upon for their quality and authenticity to make a deliciously light and tasty pizza”. 

The perfect dough

"For example, our pizza bases are incredibly light. The quality of flour is important. But, so is the deft hand and intuition of the dough maker who will use his own regional technique that will have spanned generations. It’s a secret that can’t be explained – only tasted in the end result!”

The quality of Mozzarella

“Mozzarella di Bufala, fior di latte is delivered fresh to the restaurant twice, each week.” explains Julia “It has a natural creaminess and texture that you can’t compare to the low moisture, shredded mozzarella most commonly used on pizza. Equally our tomato sauce base has a fullness of flavour signature only to the quality of tomatoes grown in Naples.”

Freshness of the tomato sauce

A fullness of flavour, complimentary to the high quality of tomatoes grown in the Naples region makes for a tasty base sauce.

And then there's the topping

Each of the pizza toppings are unique to the recipes of Naples and will satisfy meat eaters and vegetarians alike. Pizza Funghi Porcini with Wild Porcini Mushroom exudes freshness. For the more fiery palate try the Pizza Forte - Spicy Spianata Calabrese Sausage with fresh chillies.

“A haven for connoisseurs of Italian cuisine” says Kevo.

There’s only one way to find out, try it for yourself! Open from 11.30am to 10.30pm daily. Pizzas can be ordered to take out too. 

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