Take the sweat out of make up with semi permanent
3rd December 2012
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Yes, the focus should ideally be on our work out, without the worry of what we look like. And for those of you early birds who are dedicated enough to get up and head to class at the crack of dawn before work, time is certainly of the essence too!

But let's face it, for those of us who are perhaps not naturally gifted with beautifully accentuated eyes, al la Halle Berry, then stepping out the front door without your habitual coating of mascara, eye liner and eye brow pencil can be quite a daunting prospect! So imagine the thought of getting up in the morning and already being half made up?

As a trainer at Bootcamp Pilates I also try to keep my make up minimal throughout the day, as teaching is a sweaty business too you know! But hey, I am a girlie girl and I like to be somewhat groomed and don't want to give the clients a fright without any make up on what so ever! Which is why I was rather elated to discover semi permanent make up recently.



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