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25th July 2013
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Windows left open, bags and jackets left on tables at the pub, long, warm evenings outside - all of these can provide criminals with the opportunity to capitalise on the relaxed summer spirit and take advantage of people just trying to enjoy the weather.

During the Summer months crimes like theft of bicycles from sheds, gardens and streets, anti-social behaviour and burglary increase in the summer months, but it’s easy to make sure you’re safe this Summer with a couple of simple steps.

Never leave windows open when you leave the house, make sure bicycles are locked up safely when not in use either at home or out and about, and be aware of who is around you when you’re out in town.

This Summer the Metropolitan Police Service are taking co-ordinated action across all London boroughs to tackle anti-social behaviour that they know is important to our residents.

Local Safer Neighbourhoods Teams have produced three promises to the borough of Richmond upon Thames after engaging with the public and seeing what their concerns are. These promises are:

 - To provide extra patrols in open green spaces to reduce anti-social behaviour over summer months

 - To focus on problem neighbours who are committing long term problems through anti-social behaviour and excessive noise

 - To target alcohol related anti-social behaviour through Licensing and youth engagement

Have you been a victim of anti-social behaviour? Please share your thoughts below...

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