Richmond businesses invited to save cash and boost their profits
8th October 2013
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The 14 businesses who have taken part so far are typically saving between £1,000 and £2,000 a year on electricity bills and waste management costs thanks to the expert advice they have got from Greening Business advisors.

Jerome Boisard, owner of The Forge Clinic in Richmond and the leader of the Sustainability Forum of the Richmond Chamber of Commerce, is encouraging businesses to improve their environmental performance and considers it to be as much an economic decision as an eco one.

“Business is about profit and being more sustainable and reducing production costs will help you do just that,” Jerome said.

“Most businesses are keen to step up to but haven’t got the time or resources to focus on it. The Greening Business programme provides you with the free help of an expert to assess the options for your business and help you get the work done.”

Since The Forge Clinic benefited from the Greening Business programme, Jerome has moved from no recycling to 95% at his healthcare clinic in Red Lion Street, Richmond, saving £400 a year in the process.

Heating controls have been changed, saving £250 a year, and a proper policy has made sure all their providers are eco compliant. Jerome is also planning a lighting upgrade that will save £1,500 a year on electricity and looking in the long term to replace the boiler to save a further £1,000 a year.

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