Powerflushing - save on fuel wastage and high heating bills
4th January 2011
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Powerflushing is the most efficient and effective way to thoroughly clean a central heating system. If the system is flushed correctly it should only need to be done once in a boiler's life time. 

ReHEAT local gas installers and fully qualified plumbers offer a few words of advice regarding the benefits of powerflushing:

Powerflushing can solve the following problems:

Fuel Wastage

Without treatment, corrosion debris will accumulate in the boiler causing increasing lime scale deposits, reduced heat transfer and up to a third of a fuel bill going to complete waste.   

Boiler Noise

This increases in frequency and intensity as deposits of sludge and scale build up in an unprotected boiler.

Cold spots at the bottom of radiators or poor circulation

Typically caused by the build up of black metal oxide (rust) in the central lower parts of radiators. This corrosive debris can increase your fuel costs between 10 and 35% in five years, whilst reducing the efficiency of the whole system.  

Cold spots at the tops of radiators / Frequent venting

When the top of a radiator is cold during operation, either air or hydrogen is to blame. Hydrogen gas builds up as a by-product of electrolytic corrosion and is flammable (due caution is required!) 

Radiator failure

Like any working part of the system, radiators are prone to corrosion from installation debris and can fail within a few years. 

Scaled – up hot water cylinder

The insulating effect of lime scale build-up restricts heat transfer and can result in structural failure and appliance breakdown 

Pump seizure and failure

The abrasive qualities of corrosion debris, hard lime scale and bits of solder, flux and copper swarf in the system gradually wear down or cause pumps and actuators (they control the direction of flow) to stick, seize and fail. 

The Fernox Powerflow system offers the following benefits:

 - No need to remove radiator

 - Job completed in one visit

 - No acids left in your system after visit

 - Visible (see debris as its removed) 


Why use ReHEAT

Not all flushes are the same - if the flush is not carried out properly with the right temperatures and procedures then it is unlikely that all the contaminates will be removed.

ReHEAT uses only the best quality equipment and chemicals to ensure the best results.  


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