How to Get Cash for High Speed Broadband in Richmond
7th October 2014
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Throughout this year our local council has been telling businesses about the Connection Voucher Scheme. This offers your business up to £3k towards high-speed broadband, usually of 30Mbit/s or more, enabling easier cloud storage and file transfer. The scheme won’t be around forever, so now is the time to find out more.

Around 30 businesses have already registered for the Connection Voucher Scheme in the borough, all looking to improve their business through better broadband. You can test your current business broadband speed at

A faster broadband connection can really help businesses get things done quicker and easier: For instance:

Work in the cloud

  • Flexible storage means your business won’t need to buy server hardware when growing
  • Your staff can access all files and applications on the go, so easier to work when and where they need to
  • All your files are backed up, so disaster recovery won’t be a crisis.

Really quick data transfer

  • Send big files quickly and securely, allowing data hungry companies to benefit the most
  • Customer and supplier management systems will work better and be more accessible

Super speedy connection

  • Enjoy reliable videoconferencing and make the most of the web
  • Increase productivity, everything you use online will work more quickly and reliably every day.

The voucher can also be used for a dedicated business grade broadband service.

Here’s an example of one local business’s experience of the scheme:

MessageBase helps businesses answer and manage their calls better, saving money and improving customer experience. Their entire business is internet-based so they needed a best-in-class connectivity to support their rapid growth. Hampton-based Messagebase used the Broadband Connection Voucher scheme to assist in the purchase of their own dedicated high-speed, high-capacity fibre internet connection.

Director Nicholas Ashford described his experience of the scheme:

  • “We were genuinely surprised at how simple and quick the process was, and how pragmatic the staff supporting the government initiative were, particularly given how young the scheme is. We worked with a provider from the approved list, who had been through the process before, which was of real benefit”

Interested? The next step is to apply for a connection voucher.

The Department for Culture, Media and Sport is making available up to £100 million to SMEs across 22 UK cities. The scheme in the capital is being delivered by Mayor of London and local boroughs including the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames.

Find out more about the scheme from the connection vouchers website or by emailing

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